We are all Monkeys !

It is strange how a simple fruit can become a strong symbol. Take a banana for example!

In the last decades, it has become very popular for soccer fans to throw bananas at black players. With the We are all monkeys social media campaign started by Brazilian soccer star Neymar on Instagram, last April, the eating banana gesture has become an anti-racism gesture.

In France, even the sweetest little girls exhibit banana skins to taunt no less than the Minister of Justice! In November 2013, to support Christine Taubira against these racist abuses, the French actress Jeanne Moreau signed an opinion column with other French personalities, titled “We are all French monkeys”.

In 1925, at the Champs-Élysées theater in Paris, Josephine Baker made a major hit, introducing the Charleston beat in France and appearing on stage wearing a simple costume… made of bananas! She has contributed a lot to the American Civil Rights Movement with her “ banana attitude ”!

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