Stop throwing your bananas !

Did you know that a supposingly new trend might not be as new as it appears to be?

On April 27, 2014, Dani Alves, FC Barcelona right-back defender, picks up a banana that has just been thrown to him by a spectator and take a bite before getting on with the game. Shortly after, his teammate, Neymar, starts a “new trend” eating a banana on the web.

However, 23 centuries earlier, in year 327 B.C., Alexander the Great was actually the first one to start the buzz, enjoying his first banana in the Indus Valley, while conquering India!

Today, the new fashion brand, All Monkeys, refreshes this ancient symbolism of the eating-banana gesture to convey its message: “stop throwing your bananas. Eat them to build up a better world”!

All Monkeys: the banana attitude brand !

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