Relax ! Eat bananas !

Soccer is great ! Very TV friendly ! A very visible big ball, that one can easily see on the screen (not like tennis, baseball or golf). And with fairly simple rules.

Thus, the soccer world cup has become the biggest sporting event in the world. According to FIFA, in 2010, the World Cup was broadcast to 204 countries on 245 different channels. Even Americans, usually more tempted by basketball or baseball, have become soccer fans lately. In 2014, the viewing audience for the World Cup  (24.7 million for USA-Portugal) beat the NBA Finals (18 million) and World Series (19.2 million) ! It is true that the national team’s performance has probably helped a lot.

And what a passion-driven sport ! Great soccer nations collapse, while very little ones celebrate their success in the street. Some players are so enthusiastic about the game that the bite others to get the ball. Fans make monkey noises and throw bananas…

However, it is just a game… pretty much like the human condition. We stand on our feet, we have hands to build tools, we can conceptualize… So, we think that everything we do is paramount. As in the video, “human monkeys want to be somethink else than monkeys, but they are not”.

Eventually, the wisest attitude (what we call Banana Attitude) is that of the soccer player who picks up the banana thrown at him and eats it…

After all, a banana is full of magnesium, which makes it an ideal anti-stress fruit ! So, once you accept your human condition, you can eat bananas.

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