Banana attitude and Soccer World Cup

The soccer world cup ended a month ago already and everybody has returned to daily occupations. After spectacular goals, major surprises and humiliating defeats, can one make an assessment  of the economic and social impacts of the event or would it be irrelevant?

On the German side, the victory does not seem to have change anything about a healthy economy.

In an article from the Swiss business magazine BILAN, it says about the consequences of the German victory that according to Holger Bahr, economic analyst for DekaBank, “for someone interested in soccer, it is of course a nice story, but the economic impact is very limited”.

Conversely, in the same article, it appears that the actual winners of the soccer world cup in Germany are:

  • Adidas, the sponsor of finalist teams, which has sold more than two million German team’s T-shirts and
  • Joey’s Pizza which has increased its turnover by 20% during the world cup and doubled it for the final.

In Brazil, after selling a great deal of Brazilian soccer team’s T-shirts, flags and other trumpets, “business confidence has sunk to levels not seen since the depths of the global recession in 2009”, according to an article in THE ECOMIST.

As for FIFA, the soccer federation has increased its revenues compared with the 2010 world cup, to more than 4 billions $. However, it will have given 1% of its revenues to the winning teams and has generously offered 2 000 SONY electronic devices used for the world cup to 64 public schools and 26 non-governmental organizations in Brazilian disadvantaged areas (see press realease). Thus, Banana attitude and Soccer World Cup can go along pretty well… Even for FIFA. A warm feeling we are most happy to share…

Eventually, the true winners are social media. According to CNN, the soccer world cup is now the biggest social event in Web history. The final between Germany and Argentina generated 280 million interactions on FaceBook by 88 million people, above the performance of 2013 Super Bowl, with its 245 million interactions. The same match spurred more than 618,000 tweets per minute, a new record for Twitter.

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