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All Monkeys, the independent fashion brand, committed to the respect of others, oneself and our environment

Build a banana attitude!

October 2, 1927, Josephine Baker performs on stage at the Champs Élysées Theatre in Paris, wearing a simple pagne made of bananas.
November 17, 2013, the French actress, Jeanne Moreau, signs with other French personalities an opinion column titled “we are all French monkeys”.
April 27, 2014, in Villareal, Dani Alves, FC Barcelona right-back defender, picks up a banana that has just been thrown to him by a spectator and take a bite before getting on with the game.
Year 327 B.C., Alexander the Great, conquering India, enjoys his first banana in the Indus Valley.
July 1st, 2014, the new fashion brand All Monkeys refreshes this ancient symbolism of the banana to convey its message: « let us eat banana to enjoy a better world ».
All Monkeys is a new independent fashion brand with a philosophy committed to the respect of others, oneself and our environment. Through its communication and actions, it aims at:
fighting against ignorance and narrow-mindedness, which lead to violence and xenophobia.
promoting body and spirit health (through sports, balances diets and reading).
encouraging sustainable development to preserve our environment.
All Monkeys gives a percentage of its revenues to foundations or associations that embrace its values.
The brand ambassadors (the Monkey boys & girls), who wears All Monkeys T-shirts, are the new humanists of the XXIe century : young, considerate, intelligent, educated, stylish, independent-minded, curious, informed and physically (sports) and socially (social media & personal social network) active, they claim to be part of a community of universal ideas and values based on respect and open-mindedness. They are the positive players of today’s society, influencing it through their statements and actions to build up a better world for tomorrow.
« Fascism is treated reading and racism is treated travelling. » – Miguel de Unamuno


Wearing an All Monkeys T-shirt is much more than being fond of eating bananas. It means belonging to a community of universal values based on respect and open-mindedness.

The civilized man is not the one who throws a banana to the “monkey” to express his contempt. He is the one who picks it up and eats it, thus showing that he has a sense of humour and education (he knows all the nutritive benefits of a banana!).

All Monkeys fashion brand wants to promote this Banana Attitude of those who not only respect others, but also themselves (taking care of their body and mind) and their environment.

The best strategy to make the world better is not just to fight against racism, violence, corruption and junk food. The real challenge is to fight against ignorance, idleness and lack of communication.

So, let’s keep moving, sharing and traveling! Let’s all be monkeys!